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29 2017 : , , . , . - : Mercy Duffy. . Why won't you release me. ? - : Warwick Avenue Duffy. You think you're loving, but you don't love me. , .

Glorious Indie Lyrics: Ooooooohoooooh Ooooooohoooooh Don't let the moment tear your world apart (apart) See the stars and the sky above. It's not the time. And if the end won't be painful. ,. I should be grateful. . I just wanted to see the sky. . Guys and Dolls is a musical with music and lyrics by Frank Loesser and book by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows. It is based on "The Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown. Angel () Depeche Mode. : ! ; ; . Dreaming in the Daylight Lyrics: Don't fall asleep / Walking through your life (your life, your life) / You've gotta stay awake / And Featuring Duffy Sylvander It's written in the sky And they don't realise, that we're dreaming in the daylight. Peace Dog Lyrics: Oh, peace is a dirty word / She used to be a painted bird, yeah / And war, she's a whore / Don't you know we love her more and more? / Peace is a dirty B52 baby, way up in the sky Written By Ian Astbury & Billy Duffy.

- : Well Well Well Duffy. I didn't commit any crime. . . . . .

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